Hi, my name is Angelina. I am a single mom from the burbs, who loves finding fun things to do – especially different, unique, and one-time events. I love coffee in the am and beer after 5pm, (sometimes 4pm) and of course – whenever there is a local, beer festival. I am a huge foodie, and eat an all organic diet (for the most part), so when I eat out, which isn’t often, I like to be impressed and have high expectations for my experience, across the board. I am a pretty good chef, so I am looking for the “Oh Ah” when I am out. Coming from the restaurant industry, I would like to think I also have a great eye and taste buds. I take my coffee dark roast, light and sweet, and with all the beer and food I eat (and snacks I steal from my daughter), I also love to workout. It is really the one part of my day, that I can nothing else but workout. I also love to write and am working on a memoir and a children’s book. Lastly, I am a West Coast Swing Dancer! I attend local dance events on the weekends, when my daughter is usually with her father – this is the closest to a vacation for me and believe me, I make the most of it! I have bottled up all that I love into this blog. I hope you like what you see! And if you come for anything, at minimum, it should be for the events. Their not mine, I don’t get paid to list them, I just find them interesting and want to share cool things with cool people, just like you! Thanks for reading. Now write me and tell me about you!