Hi, my name is Angelina. I am a single mom from the burbs, who loves finding fun and unique things to do – and instead of keeping it myself, I share it! I love coffee in the morning and beer after 5pm, okay sometimes 4pm! I am a huge foodie, and eat (for the most part) an all organic diet, so when I do eat out, which isn’t often, I like to be impressed! I take my coffee dark roast, not too light or too sweet (I wish I could go black) and with all I eat and drink, and snacks I steal from my daughter (shhh), I try to fit in a workout here or there.

I have bottled up all that I love into this blog. I hope you like what you see! And if you come for anything, at minimum, it should be for the events. Their not mine, I don’t get paid to list them, I just find them interesting and want to share cool things with cool people, just like you! Thanks for reading! Now write me and tell me about you! Reach out anytime at Angelina@hudsoncounty.events.