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Hudson County Events is a landing page for fun things to do in and around Hudson County! Each week we share with our readers, the not-to-miss events, happening across our county! Our events page, features unique happenings and special events that typically only run once or for a very limited time, while our activities page covers the redundant.

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Are you interested in sharing our blog with other event seekers living in this area of New Jersey? We’re so glad you don’t want to keep our event listings, all to yourself. Simply, share our page with your friends and family (framily). If you attend an event we promote, let the organizer know who sent you. The best way to do that is to email, message or reach out to the organizer before or after the event, and let them know how you learned of their event. If you really like what we are doing and want to send us a donation for our services, please feel free. We accept donations by paypal, venmo, facebook, gmail (to, etc…